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Electric Scooters from Special Needs at Sea

Scooter rentals for cruises can benefit anyone who gets tired after walking or has pain while walking.  Customers looking to rent a scooter have three options: standard, heavy duty or bariatric. All scooters have three wheels for easier maneuverability, although four wheel scooters are available upon request and on limited availability. Standard and heavy duty scooters can fit through standard cruise staterooms and hotel rooms; the bariatric scooters can only fit in wheelchair accessible cabins. All scooter rentals are steered using a bicycle-style handlebar.

The scooters are in your staterooms when you get onboard the ship and when

the cruise is over, you just leave them in your staterooms and they'll be picked up.

Pricing includes tax and insurance.

Scooters may be used on and off the ship. 

Standard Scooter

(up to 249 lbs.)

$235 for the week

Heavy Duty Scooter

(up to 349 lbs.)

$285 for the week

Bariatric Scooter

(up to 500 lbs.)

$406 for the week

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