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Online Pre-Cruise Check-In

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • Your reservation or booking number.  This can be found on your cruise statement from Paradise Travel.  

  • Name of the ship is Liberty of the Seas.   

  • An emergency contact name and phone number

  • Appropriate proof of citizenship and identification (Passport, passport card etc.)  If you're using your original birth certificate and your married name is different on your photo ID,  you'll need a 'bridge document', typically your marriage license, to show you're the same person.

  • Travel plan information.  If you're flying in or taking the motor coach from Branson, you'll select 'Bus'.           If you're driving your own vehicle, you'll select 'Private Vehicle'.

  • Credit or debit card information for your Onboard Expense Account.

  • Your Crown & Anchor number, if you're a Past Guest of Royal Caribbean.

Hopefully these instructions will be easy to understand.  If you should need any assistance,

you can call (800) 398-9819.  I've found the agents to be very courteous and helpful.

If you see anything during your check-in process that indicates you don’t have travel insurance, and you purchased travel insurance from Paradise Travel, you are covered. What you may see merely indicates you didn’t purchase insurance from Royal Caribbean, because we use other reputable insurance companies.

1.   Go to

2.   In the upper right-hand corner, click on LOG IN.

3.   In the drop down menu, click on LOG-IN TO MY CRUISES.

4.   If this is the first time you’ve cruised with Royal Caribbean, under MEMBER LOGIN, click on the blue link that says    

      create one now, and set up an account.

5.  If you already have a Royal Caribbean account, click on LOGIN.

6.   Under PURCHASED AND HELD CRUISES, click on your Reservation Number.

7.   That will open up your Vacation Summary.  On the right side, click on the blue tab labeled ‘Check-in Online.

8.   This will take you to the ONLINE CHECK-IN PAGE.

9.   On the right side, click on the blue tab labeled ‘Check-in Online’

10. Under the tab ‘BEGIN CHECK-IN, select the guest(s) you’re checking in and click on the blue tab labeled ‘BEGIN CHECK-IN.

11. Under GUEST INFORMATION, check the spelling of your first and last name and add your middle name in the

      appropriate box.  Also, add your Crown & Anchor number if you have one. Then click the blue tab labeled ‘SAVE AND


12. Continue filling out your Guest Information on the new page. When you’re finished, click the blue tab labeled ‘SAVE AND


13. On the new page, you’ll enter your Emergency Contact Information and the document type you’re using for

      identification.  When you’ve completed this, click the blue tab labeled ‘SAVE AND CONTIUE’.

14. Part 4 of 4 under GUEST INFORMATION concerns your Travel Plans.  Under Travel Plan Type, select ‘Bus’, unless you’re

       driving your own car. Then you would select ‘Private Vehicle’. In the Arrival Carrier box, type ‘Branson Motor Coach’. 15. Anyone not flying into Houston (driving your own car or taking the motor coach from Branson) should select

      11 00 AM as your Estimated Time of Arrival to Pier.  If you flew into Houston, you’ll be on our second motor coach

       group.  Select 12 00 PM as your Estimated Time of Arrival to Pier and in the Arrival Carrier box, type

       ‘Branson Motor Coach’.   Your estimated time of departure from the ship is 9:00 am.  All these times are really arbitrary.           If for some reason the time(s) you enter are not accepted, keep advancing the times in fifteen minute increments until

        your time is accepted.  We will be informing Royal Caribbean when our buses are arriving, so it's not that big of a deal.

16. Click the blue tab labeled ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’.

17. Now it’s time to set up your Onboard Expense Account.  Fill out all the appropriate information.  When you get to the            box that says ‘Please Read and Accept the Credit Card Terms’, scroll and read the terms, or the box you need to check

       for your acceptance will not become available for you to check (it will remain greyed-out).      

18. You guessed it, click on the blue tab labeled ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’.

19. Now you should be on a page that says ‘Cruise/ Cruisetour Ticket Contract’.  Read your Cruise Contract and check  

       the appropriate boxes.  Then click on the blue tab labeled ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’.  

20. After all guests in your stateroom have completed their Online Check-In, you may print your SetSail Pass (boarding

       pass) and your luggage tags.  Print several luggage tags, as it’s better to have more than you need than not enough.

Congratulations.  You're Checked-In!

Now the real fun begins! Let's go to your Cruise Planner.

1.   Go to

2.   In the upper right-hand corner, click on LOG IN.

3.   Click on LOG-IN TO MY CRUISES.

4.   LOG-IN because you already have your account setup. On the left side, look for 'Countdown to Cruise'.

      Find the 'View Reservation' link and click on that.

5.   That opens up your Vacation Summary.  You'll notice several tabs (Overview, Messages, Cruise Planner)

      Bingo! Click on the Cruise Planner tab.

6.   Now you're on the Cruise Planner page.  Click on the yellow tab that says 'GET STARTED'.

7.   That opens up a 'Buffet' of all kinds of packages; Beverage, Spa, Internet, Specialty Dining etc.

8.   Click on the package(s) you want and 'Add to Cart'.

9.   It will ask you to check out and pay for your package(s).

Let the fun begin!

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