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Presleys' Cruise Karaoke Night

There's nothing quite as much fun as Presleys Super Karaoke Night!

Almost everyone loves to sing.  Now you'll have a chance to win cash prizes

and tell your friends you sang on the Presleys' cruise.  We have two competition

categories; Soloist or Group, which can consist of two or more singers.

There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Soloist category

and 1st and 2nd in the Group category.  Each performance will be judged by an

impartial panel of judges with a background in the entertainment industry.

This will be an opportunity to capture the moment in pictures and videos

to show your family and friends or even post on Facebook.

If you're interested in participating this year, please complete the short

form below and Submit it no later than Friday, February 14 (Valentine's Day),

so we'll know how many want to participate and make sure we have

the proper track for the song you'd like to perform.

(NOTE: There will be books with hundreds of popular karaoke songs to choose from on Karaoke night)

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